Airline fees are here to stay unfortunately, so is committed to help find creative tips for packing your carry on size luggage to avoid bag-check fees. This Reblog post is from 2009, by Genevive, but is still relevant today, specifically the increase in the number of airlines charging baggage fees and the increase in the fees themselves. One tip talks about using packing cubes to save on space in your carry on bag. I found that large-sized Ziploc bags will also do the trick and may squeeze out additional savings. Enjoy.

3-Minute Vacation

Airlines’ already suck, and now they are adding one more burden to travelers: higher fees for checked luggage. American announced last Friday that the first checked bag will cost $20, up from $15, and the second bag $30, up from $25. The fees don’t apply to members of their loyalty program gold or higher, but effect everyone else immediately. Other airlines are likely to follow.

American is the third largest carrier serving Hawaii, and most people who come on vacation check bags. Likewise, residents traveling off island laden with gifts and heavier clothing usually do, too. How can you beat the checked bag fees? In this post, I’ll update a post I wrote last year on the topic and share some of my strategies and those of other frequent fliers who travel with only carry-on luggage.

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